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When a divorce action threatened to carve up his assets, placing his practice in jeopardy, a Savannah doctor turned to Cerbone Law Firm. He describes Adam Cerbone as a "tough litigator and strategist" for his uncompromising dedication to the case.

A well respected neurosurgeon, he had accumulated a substantial estate valued at $8 million dollars. Despite his ex-wife's conduct, which was the principal reason for the dissolution of their nine-year marriage, her attorneys were demanding a substantial periodic alimony payment and a minimum of $2 million dollars in settlement.  

The doctor credits Adam Cerbone's diligence and skills with showing the Court that "bad conduct" should make a difference. The trial, which lasted several days, resulted in the denial of periodic alimony and a lump sum payment of only $450,000 to the ex-wife.

Protect Your Safety
Pushed beyond her limits and cornered, Ms. Hall, stabbed her husband in what she felt was self-defense. Facing charges and possibility of losing custody of her four children, she was devastated. The facts of her case certainly didn't look promising at first glance.  

Adam Cerbone took the time to thoroughly understand her circumstances and was able to assure the Court that her act of violence was in response to provocation and not likely to be repeated now that the couple were separated. Thanks to his careful presentation of the "true picture," Ms. Hall was awarded custody of her children.

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