Cerbone Law Case Results

Elizabeth Hall
HousewifeSuperior Court of Effingham County
Divorce, Child Custody
Won Elizabeth custody of her four children, even though she stabbed her husband 3 times and was arrested.
Name Withheld
Superior Court of Chatham County
High net worth complex divorce trial, alimony, child custody, contested prenuptial agreement
Won client $7,600,000 of $8,000,000 marital estate after a nine year marriage.
Name Withheld
Real Estate Company Owner
Superior Court of Chatham CountyHigh net worth individual, uncontested divorce, negotiated settlement
Negotiated settlement: Our client awarded $6,600,000 of her $6,600,000 marital estate.
Name Withheld
HousewifeSuperior Court of Chatham CountySpouse of high net worth individual, negotiated settlement
Negotiated settlement and our client got $325,000, new Ford Escape, new 17 foot boat after a 4 year marriage.
Name Withheld
College Professor of Photography
Superior Court of Chatham CountyChild custody trial
Won custody for a father
Mark Malke
Owns Automobile Dealership
Superior Court of Chatham CountyPrenuptial agreement
Effective today.
Nikki Friedhoffer
Owns The Color Box Hair Salon
Superior Court of Chatham CountyDivorce, custody, complex international law issues
Got her custody of her son and a divorce.

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